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Our Four Legged Friends


(Available for adoption or fostering)


Work at SCARS continues to be both challenging and rewarding.  Many more wonderful and deserving animals have found their way into our lives, some temporarily, others permanently.  The dogs listed below are presently available for adoption.


If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs you see here,

go to our Adoption Application page and fill out an application.


Adoption donation will be determined on a case by case basis.


Click here to read about our friends who have gone to permanent homes.





Toby has been adopted.  Please check back to see his Success Story


Toby is a three year old, male, Cairn Terrier mix.  He is neutered, UTD on shots, housebroken and does well with dogs and kids.  Toby weighs about 35 chunky pounds and has lots of energy.  I think he will be a super companion for a family!  He came from a family with two children under 2 years of age and did great.










Adoption Application





Ernie is a three year old mix - probably some sort of Retriever.  It would be unfair to try to figure it out without doing a MARS test, so we will just have to guess!  He is around 3 years old, neutered, 38 lbs, and housebroken and has a wonderful, gentle personality.  If you are looking for a family dog who loves kids, and will sit at your feet and watch TV he is the dog for you.









Adoption Application






Pip is a four month old Chihuahua mix female of about 7 lbs.  She is a lively soul and runs around nonstop.  She is not a barker, which helps and we are hoping she will settle down a bit when she gets more secure.  She loves to play with other dogs and has a darling curled tail, and white feet.  Give her a try....she is fun!





Adoption Application



Huey and Louie



Huey and Louie are 12 week old mixes....mom is a small Husky mix, dad a small Lab.  They are absolutely adorable and playful.  At this point they weigh about 7 lbs but are just starting to fill out.  They are bonded and play together and sleep together, and whoever adopts them will have a perfect little pair of puppies.



Adoption Application





Duchess is a 9 month old, female, black Lab mix.  She is spayed and mostly housebroken, weighs around 40 lbs and is a real love.   She and Tanner (see below) play endlessly and she will be a perfect addition to a lively family.  She came from an abusive home, but has put that behind her and is one  happy puppy!





Adoption Application





Kiowa is a three year old, white, female German Shepherd/Malamute mix.  She is spayed and up to date on shots.  Kiowa says, "I am a fixer upper!!!"  She is very gentle, but has spent her entire life in a kennel until now and is just learning to be a dog.  She lies down and flails around submissively when you are trying to put a leash on.  She does not walk well on a leash at all, but we are working on it.  She weighs about 70 lbs and is still a bit thin.








Adoption Application



Shepherd Mix Pups


And then there were two......we had eleven puppies born here, and all but two (of the prettiest) have moved on to new homes. Ben and Beatrice are so gorgeous, so good, so gentle and so bonded that I am faced with a dilemma. How can I separate them and yet, homes are hard to find for a bonded pair.  I just cannot make them leave each other and so I am asking all of you to help share their story in the hopes of finding them a home together.  They are almost 6 months old, spayed, neutered and housebroken. They are gentle and loving with kids and small dogs, and are not barkers...they are jewels.
Contact us at 785-256-2976 if interested in giving these two precious dogs a home TOGETHER!!!

We have one tan female and one tan male left. They are five months old and have wonderful, gentle dispositions. Here is Ben (below), the male.  They are spayed and neutered and up to date on shots.  Dad is a purebred German Shepherd and mom is a Terrier mix of some kind.  At this point they weigh about 30 lbs so are not going to be small!!  The dispositions of all the pups are wonderful, they are gentle and tend to be a bit shy but love everyone.



We have eleven beautiful puppies who will be up for adoption around January 18th.  They will be spayed/neutered and will have had their first round of puppy shots. Mom is some sort of Terrier mix, and dad is a purebred German Shepherd.  The mom is gentle and loving and just about as sweet as she can be. The pups are much like mom, laid back and gentle and PLUMP!!! There are five tan boys and six brindle females!!!





Adoption Application


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